July 12, 2020

About SweatFest 

The City's Sweatiest Event

 ROC SweatFest brings together the city’s best fitness studios, instructors and wellness experts for a full day of fun. This gathering will provide attendees with an inspiring environment where they can participate in a wide variety of classes, interact with some of the best instructors in the city and find the support they need to put fitness first.

**A portion of the 2020 SweatFest proceeds will go to ROCovery Fitness. To learn more about ROCovery Fitness visit




8am -1pm

Schedule of Events 

The Schedule

8:00 am - Pre-Sweat Sunrise Yoga

9:00 am - Check-in for SweatFest


9:30-10:10am - Sweat Session #1

10:25-11:05am - Sweat Session #2 

11:20-12:00pm- Sweat Session #3 

12:15-12:55pm - Sweat Session #4 

*Participants can choose to participate in 1 or up to 4 sessions and will pre-select their workouts with ticket purchase. Yoga class included in the ticket price.

      Pre-Sweat Yoga

8:00 -9:00am 
Nama-START your day with a 60-minute fun flow co-taught by some of Rochester's finest instructors. 
Bring your mat or just layout on the main lawn and stretch. All are welcome to bring your mat and join!
PLEASE NOTE: Class is included with the purchase of your ticket!

The Workouts

Sweat Session 1 : 9:30-10:10am
HIIT - ROCovery Fitness 
High rep exercises followed by bursts of aerobic activity that will make the hour fly by. This workout is a great way to connect with friends and challenge yourself. This class is designed to help work on endurance and burn some calories!! 
Boxing Fusion- M/Body 
BoxingFusion is all about creating an incredible M/Powering experience of authentic fitness/boxing that won't intimidate warriors, but simply inspire confidence, achieve personal fitness goals and light up your life.
BarreFlow - ROC & Soul Fitness 
This class is a fun fusion of Barre and yoga, combining the best of  SOUL Barre and Vinyasa Flow classes.  Barre Flow class emphasizes a creative approach to strength, balance, flexibility, and muscle toning. You can expect a blend of flow sequences with functional weight training, mixed together to give you a total body workout.  
We recommend that you bring a yoga mat to class.
 Cycle - Compass Cycle & Flow
Rhythm Riding cycling class where you will move to the beat of the music on your bike while moving as a pack with your fellow riders.  Loud, energetic music and a motivating instructor will push you past your limits and challenge you to foster a mind + body connection.
**2020 CYCLE Sponsor**  All bikes and shoes will be made available by Compass
Sweat Session 2 : 10:25-11:05am
Yoga Sculpt - Vault 
Light strength training and cardiovascular bursts fuse with dynamic yoga to boost metabolism and lean muscle mass.  If you're looking to break a sweat and leave feeling energized, this session is for you!
Ruck Bootcamp- Ruckhouse Athletics
Expect to move your body, sweat, and smile as we put you through a wonderful mixture of fitness movements.  One thing is for sure - expect the unexpected!
WERQ- She Roars 
WERQ is the wildly addictive cardio dance workout based on the hottest hip hop and pop music. Move to the beat of your own beat with this high-energy, fiercely fun cardio workout for everyone.
Bike 2 Barre- M/Body 
Get two of M/Body's hottest workouts in one!  You will start class with your heart rate pumping as fast as your feet pedal as you cycle to the hottest beats.  Next, jump off the bike and spend the last part of class sculpting, lengthening and toning your booty and your body. 

Sweat Session 3: 11:20-12:00pm

November Project Rochester
We would love to tell you what to expect but with this crew, we just can't. From HIIT workouts, circuits, hopscotch to fun runs and more there is really no way to tell you what they will have in store. Come see what this crew is all about. November Project offers free fitness every Weds @ 6 am at Cobbs Hill outside all year long. These workout warriors live up to their promise of making fitness fun. Be sure to bring an open mind and be ready to run. 
Booty Bandit- Compass Cycle & Flow
This workout is uniquely and intensely targeted glute-training; using resistance bands, bodyweight and biomechanics to burn calories and grow those booties to a beat. 
BootCamp - SWAT Team
Ever wonder what it would be like to train with the Rochester Police Department? Making a special appearance at ROC SweatFest, RPD SWAT team will be bringing in all the top dogs to give you a boot camp that promises to challenge you mentally and physically but offer a fun new twist to your routine that you have been looking for.
Les Mills SPRINT™  - Midtown Athletic Club 
Taught exclusively at Midtown Athletic Club, this high-intensity 30-minute cycle work drives your body to burn calories for hours. You will combine bursts of intensity, where you will work as hard as possible with periods of rest that will prepare you for your next effort. The pay-off? You smash your fitness goals fast. 

Sweat Session 4: -12:15 -12:55pm

*newly added for 2020

CoreFit - The Fit Place 
CoreFit will work every muscle in the body in a dynamic way, centered around the core. This class encompasses a variety of core exercises that target the abdominal muscles which are important for posture and balance. Your core will be used in many variations seen through balance and flexibility, for all levels of
STRONG by Zumba®  - ROC FIT Collective
A combo of body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training moves synced to original music that has been specifically designed to match every single move. Every squat, every lunge, every burpee is driven by the music. Plyometric or explosive moves are interchanged with isometric moves to complete this HIIT style class.
Barre Bounce - ROC & Soul Fitness
A FUN high-intensity interval training workout that combines rebounding on mini-trampolines with elements from our barre classes. Rebounding provides a full-body workout with cardio, strengthening, and tiny movements to lengthen and define the muscles while being easy on the joints. We recommend that you bring a yoga mat and socks to class.
Cycle- Vault 
Our signature Rhythm Ride combines indoor cycling, hand weights, and choreography with a driving beat, low lighting, and world-class instruction. Immerse yourself in the positive energy of this addictive, intense cardiovascular fitness experience! Riding with this crew is definitely more thrilling than a heist!

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